The best photographs of military aircraft on Aero-Pix.
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All 3 North American demo teams performed their first public show together at the 2003 Dayton Airshow.
A pair of Rhode Island National Guard AH-1 Cobras over the Newport, RI area.
The Blue Angels are one of the most photographed teams in the world.  That makes it tough to come up with original shots of this team.
USAF Thunderbirds.  Like the Blue Angels, these guys have been photographed from just about every angle possible.
The Canadian Snowbirds are possibly the most photogenic of the jet demo teams.
The British Red Arrows during their 2008 North American tour.
F-22 Raptor
The US Navy's latest fighter is the F/A-18 Super Hornet
The NAS Oceana air show is THE place to see Tomcats and Hornets.
An AH-64 Apache performs at the Sussex air show.
When the weather or light isn't very good, try for vapor shots.
The East Coast A-10 Demo Team.
The 2004 CF-18 Demo Team at NAS Oceana. Rhode Island National Guard C-130s in action 
MA National Guard A-10 Warthogs.
Fat Albert, the Blue Angels' support aircraft. Here you can see Fat Albert toasting the runway during a JATO takeoff. F-4 Phantom at 2005 NAS Oceana show A B-1 arriving at Westfield.
CT-146 Harvard II arriving at Quebec City. NAS Jacksonville Legacy Flight. Low B-2 pass at the 2007 Cape Cod show. A beautiful sunset highlights an Apache at NAS Oceana.
The Leap Frogs, Sky Hawks and Black Daggers.
The JATO launch of an C-130 is very impressive.  I would like to see more European aircraft at American shows. The 2002 East Coast CF-18 demo aircraft had a great paint job.   A Marine AV-8 at NAS Jacksonville.
The 2002 East Coast F-15 Demo Team with some vapor T-6 Texan Flight at Jacksonville Beach An F-5 painted in Iraqi colors made for an interesting photo. Strike Eagle Demo Team
A Marine assault demo.
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