This was a really great show.  The weather was close to perfect for photography, and the people at NAS Oceana did a great job getting some amazing performers.
The T-6A Texan II is the military's newest primary trainer and will be used to train both Air Force and Navy pilots.  The East Coast Demo Team performed at this show.  I'd like to thank the members of this team for helping me get in a great position to photograph this show.
The CF-18 demo team is based at Bagotville, Quebec and the pilot this year is Capt. Dave 'Super Dave' Pletz.  Capt Pletz put on a great show, including a high-speed pass on Saturday which resulting in some amazing photographs for anyone who was there with a camera.
The Super Hornet, also known as the Rhino, is the replacement for the Tomcat.  This particular demo was amazing.
Aerobatics champion Michael Goulian performed in his CAP 232.
Sean D Tucker and the Oracle Challenger were one of the highlights of the weekend.
The Heritage Flight is the Air Force's chance to demonstrate how far aircraft have evolved in the last 50+ years.  We had a different combination of aircraft for each of the 3 days of this show.
Lee Lauderback also flew a solo demonstration in his P-51.
As did Dale Snodgrass in his F-86.
Started by Capt. Dale Snodgrass, the Legacy Flight honors 50 years of naval aviation.  This flight included Capt. Walter Ohlrich Jr. (USN Ret) in the Corsair, along with the East Coast F-14 and F-18 demo teams.
The East Coast A-10 Demo Team in action.
This show feature 2 excellent parachute teams, the US Navy's Leap Frogs and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team, the Black Daggers
Kent Shockley and the Shockwave jet truck are one of the most popular performers and almost any show.
The Skytypers fly formation aerobatics using SNJ-2 trainers.  There are only 11 of this type of aircraft left flying, and the Skytypers have 6 of them.
Bill Reesman and his Soviet Mig-17 fighter.
An E-2 Hawkeye demonstration.  A demo of this type of aircraft is very rare.
One of the last flights of a H-3 Sea King rescue helicopter.  This aircraft type is very close to retirement.
Soucy and Stokes wing-walking on the Showcat.
Dan Buchanan's hang glider act. A rare appearance by a Coast Guard C-130.
A C-130 from the Michigan Air National Guard A Vietnam era OV-1 taxis towards the static area. Allen Smith and his T-39 Albatross. A formation flight by a group of T-28 Trojans.
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