The premier heavy bomber in the war against Hitler's Germany, there are currently only 12 B-17s still flying.
This is the Nine O Nine, a B-17 operated by the Collings Foundation.  This is a later version of the Flying Fortress.  The most obvious difference between this and an early model is the nose turret on the later model.
These pictures are of the B-17 that was used in the filming of The Memphis Belle. While the actual Memphis Belle is on display in Memphis, this aircraft has been painted with the same markings as the original. This is an example of an early model B-17.
These shots are of the B-17 Yankee Lady owned by the Yankee Air Force.  Like the Nine O Nine, this is a late model B-17.
A few shots of Fuddy Duddy at the 2000 Westover Air Show.  This aircraft is from the National Warplane Museum.
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