The conditions for photography for the Snowbirds' 2000 show at Trois-Rivieres could not have been better.  The sun was behind me and low in the sky.  
Here they taxi out.  The crowd line was so close that you could almost touch the wingtips as they went by. The show starts with the Snowbirds approaching from the distance, light on. 
  Here are a couple shots of the solo aircraft performing head-on passes.  These are the best head-on pass shots that I've taken at any show.  
The Snowbirds approach the crowd. A couple of portrait shots of the 9-ship diamond formation. The Big Diamond formation.
Some bottom views of a couple of different 9-ship formations, the Big Diamond on the left and the Concord on the right.
These are couple of my favorite formations by the Snowbirds.  On the left is the inverted split, and on the left is the inverted box. The Split formation from the front and the bottom.
Bringing the Snowbird CT-114 Tutors home.
  CF-18 Demo Team  
  Sky Hawks