The US Air Force has more C-130s than any other transport.  This versatile aircraft has been used all over the globe and in an amazing array of configurations.  From landing in the Antarctic to flying as a gunship over the jungles of Vietnam, this aircraft has done it all.  
The C-130s of the New York Air National Guard at Schenectady are the only unit who use JATO regularly.  These shots are from the 2000 and 2003 Schenectady airshows.
The RI National Guard show includes an airfield assault with C-130s demonstrating air and ground troop insertion.
US Air Force HC-130 arriving at the 2003 Westfield airshow. C-130 MAFFS Fire Fighting Demo A Schenectady C-130 performs a refueling demo.
The J model is the newest version of the venerable C-130.
A hurricane hunter arrives at the 2000 Westover show.  Air refueling demo at the 2000 Ft. Lauderdale Air and Sea Show. Here a couple of C-130s arrive at Pease AFB for the New Hampshire Brain Injury Association Air Show.
The Coast Guard version of the C-130 is one of my favorites.
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