The Thunderbirds are the US Air Force's formation demonstration team.  Their performances are a combination of power and precision.  They fly the F-16 Falcon, an amazing aircraft.
The 2006 Thunderbirds over Rhode Island.  To see more images from this photo flight click on the image below.
2004 Westover Wall of Fire.
Formation takeoff.
Solo takeoff
The classic Thunderbird diamond formation.
The Sneak Pass from real close.
While the diamond displays precision formation flying, the solo aircraft show the performance limits of the F-16.  I'd love to see the Thunderbird solo's perform more head-on passes during their show.
The Thunderbird solo aircraft don't do a lot of head-on passes, but they still put on a pretty good show.
A few more shots of the diamond aircraft.
The Arrowhead formation.
The Diamond Roll.
The Thunderbird Delta formation.
The Thunderbird 5 card formation.
A head-on pass unique to the Thunderbirds. Diamond pitch for landing.
The team forms up after landing. Ready to go
Thunderbird #8
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