The Snowbirds are Canada's premier military aerobatics demonstration team.  Unlike the power and speed of the American teams, the Snowbirds depend on multiple precision formations for their shows.
Here they taxi out and take off.  The crowd line was so close at Trois Rivieres that you could almost touch the wingtips as they went by.  At NAS Oceana, the Blue Angels were also among the performers.
  The show starts with the Snowbirds approaching from the distance, lights on.   
Here are some shots of Snowbird head-on passes.  The solo aircraft come within 10-15 feet of each other during a head-on pass.
The Echelon in review really makes for a great photo op.
A few different 9-ship formations going vertical. 
   A Double Diamond in the vertical.  
  Modified Condor formation  
Liberty Bell formation The 9-ship Concord formation.
The Big Diamond from a few different angles.
A few more shots of the Snowbirds in action.
  The 2003 show ends with the entire team line abreast over the crowd.  
Bringing the Snowbird CT-114 Tutors home.
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