The Leap Frogs are the US Navy's parachute demo team.  They seem to specialize in canopy relative jumping, and they use a lot of smoke.  It all makes them one of the most photogenic jump teams.
The 2004 Quonset Point show.  The Leap Frogs are regulars at this show. 
The 2004 NAS Oceana show. 
The Leap Frogs delivering the flag at the 1999 Brunswick air show. 
An interesting smoke screen at the 2002 Ft Lauderdale Air & Sea Show.
The Leap Frogs at the 2000 Ft. Lauderdale Air and Sea Show.  The wind caused problems during the Sunday show.  A jumper was blown into a truck behind the landing area. The Leap Frogs deliver the flag at the 2000 Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Air Show, escorted by the Red Baron Stearman Team.
A few more shots of the Leap Frogs in Rhode Island.
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