The Blue Angels are one of the premier military aerobatics teams in the world.  Their demonstrations, which combine incredible power and precision, are the highlight of any airshow.   
The show starts with a demo by Fat Albert, the Blue Angels' C-130 support aircraft.
  After Fat Albert is done, the team gets ready to go.  
The diamond aircraft take off in formation.
The solo aircraft follow the diamond.  The #5 does a dirty roll immediately after takeoff, while the #6 does a high performance climb.
Most of the show consists of demonstrations by the solo aircraft alternating with the 4 diamond formation aircraft.  Here are some shots of my favorite solo maneuver, the head-on pass. 
  The solo aircraft don't just perform head-on passes, and it's a good idea to keep an eye on them or they might sneak up on you.  
The Diamond formation from several different angles.
The Echelon formation from several different angles.
The Diamond Break   Some of these guys look a little confused... The diamond aircraft arrive.
The tuck under roll.
More of the Blue Angel diamond aircraft
To complete the show, all 6 aircraft form up in the 6-ship delta.
  A few  shots of the Blue Angels on the ground.  
A few photographs of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds at the 2000 Joint Services Open House at Andrews AFB.  The Blues and Thunderbirds don't get together in public too often.  Naturally it rained the entire weekend.
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