The Sussex Air Show had to deal with some tough weather, but they managed to put on a GREAT show.
The "Masters of Disaster" at this show were Jim Franklin, Jim LeRoy, Kent Shockly, and Bobby Younkin.
Sean D Tucker in his Oracle Challenger.
Jim LeRoy flies one of the most exciting routines in the airshow business.
This is one of the most amazing acts in the airshow business.  Not only does Jimmy Franklin push a jet-powered WACO biplane to the limit, but then he does it with his son Kyle walking on the wing.
Bobby Younkin performs in Samson, a replica of an aircraft first flown by Curtiss Pitts, and a Twin Beech.
A local New Jersey performer, Drew puts on a great show.
World War 2 era B-25 Mitchel is part of the warbird flyby.
Korean War era Skyraider and World War 2 era Corsair.
The Split Image Aerobatics team consists of Ron Saglimbene flying lead and Ron Spender flying the wing.
The Misty Blues Parachute team bring in one of the largest American flags you will ever see.
Smokin' Joe performs an auto-gyro demonstration. Allen Smith and his L-39.
Roger Lehnert, master of the Cub, performs as the Flying Farmer and also lands on a moving pickup truck.
Steve Coan and announcer Larry Rutt provide some comedy in the middle of a short downpour.
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