This Air Show featured some great acts.  Unfortunately, the photographer was having a tough day, so I didn't get good shots of everyone involved.

Gene Soucy has quite a varied show.  Not only does he fly the custom built Showcat, a modified Grumman Ag Cat biplane, with Theresa Stokes walking the wing, but he also flies aerobatic performances in the Showcat and an Extra 300.

The cold weather and high winds made this a tough day for wing-walking (like there's an easy day for wing-walking??).  In the photo on the right you can see Gene fighting the crosswind to land.

A C-130 JATO launch is always an awesome sight.  While this is often a standard part of the show when the Blue Angel's Fat Albert is in town, it was nice to see a front line C-130 perform one. This was the third performance of the East Coast F-16 Demo Team since returning to the air show scene in 2000.  It's good to have them back, and this was a great performance. 

Here is a more conventional C-130 takeoff.

A shot of the air-crew featured in The Perfect Storm simulating an aerial refueling.

The New York Guard also performed a cargo air-drop.



The Iron Eagles are one of my favorite civilian aerobatics teams.  Although high winds prevented them from flying in as tight a formation as I've seen in the past, it was still a great performance.