Once again the Rhode Island National Guard put on a great show.  A lineup of great performers, and except for some haze on Saturday morning, the weather was perfect.  
The takeoff on Saturday was really tight.  In the 3rd shot you can see the Lead, 2, and Slot aircraft stacked perfectly.
The show starts with the Diamond coming from behind the crowd and head-on passes by the solo aircraft.
A strategically placed cloud forced the team to perform a diamond pass from the left during Sunday's show, in addition to the usual pass from the right.
More shots of the team in action.
For many people the Combined Arms Airfield Assault is the highlight of this show, even if the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels are there. This demo features National Guard assault troops brought in by Blackhawks and supported by C-130 transports and A-10 attack aircraft.
The J model is the newest version of the venerable C-130.
The F-14 Tomcat demo team did their best to steal the show from the Thunderbirds and RI Combined Arms.  Unfortunately, this will probably be the last F-14 demo in New England, as the F-14 will be retired soon.
The Red Baron Stearman Team are one of the most popular formation aerobatics teams currently performing.
Michael Goulian is a former US aerobatics champion and one of the elite airshow pilots.  This was his first show in New England with his new paint scheme.
Michael Mancuso is a popular performer at this show.  A former member of the Northern Lights, you can see him flying the slot position in a series of commercials featuring the Northern Lights on the Discovery Wings channel.
Frank Ryder in the Oreck XL.  One the nicest people in the airshow business, Frank also flies one of the most unique aircraft.
The C-17 is the newest transport type in the US inventory.  These aircraft are in extremely high demand right now, so this was a very rare opportunity to see a C-17 demo.
The CF-18 is the Canadian version of the US Navy's F-18 Hornet.  This demo is a bit more aggressive than the US Navy version.
The Leapfrogs are the US Navy's parachute demonstration team.
One of the most popular acts at any airshow, the Shockwave is capable of going 350mph.
Sean D Tucker is considered by many to be one of the premier airshow aerobatics pilots in the world.  He is a big favorite at the Rhode Island National Guard Open House.
Reese Dill and Hank Moretti perform some T-6 formation flying.
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