A little of the Newport area scenery.  Here you can see some of the "cottages" in Newport's high rent district. A close-up of Red Baron #4.  These are really beautiful aircraft. Red Baron #4 with the Newport Bridge in the background.
After a few minutes of formation flying we had a chance to experience a little bit of what the Red Barons do in their show.  Here you can see a pair of photographs from within a formation loop.  After the loop we broke formation and performed a roll and hammerhead stall.  I wanted to try some more aerobatics, but I think Travis was a little air-sick, so we formed up with the other aircraft and flew back to Quonset Point...
The Blue Angels were the feature performers for this show.
F-15s from the MA National Guard performed a few fly-bys. A 2-seat F-16 of the Lone Star Gunfighters arrives in RI. A C-17 Globemaster arrives.  This is the Air Force's newest transport aircraft.
A Marine EA-6 Prowler arrives.  This is an electronic warfare aircraft. A pair of Marine F-18s from VMFA-251 (Thunder Bolts) arrive.
The East Coast F-15 Demo Team. A-10s from the MA National Guard also performed.
The East Coast Cf-18 Demo Team.
There were 2 outstanding parachute demo teams at the show, the US Navy Leap Frogs and the British Army's Red Devils.
The Combined Arms demo is one of the highlights of the Rhode Island show every year.
Mohr Barnstorming performed a biplane to helicopter transfer. The Northern Lights. F-15 from Tyndall AFB 
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