This was the first air show at Pease AFB in a long time.  Although they didn't have one of the big name demo teams, they did have some great aircraft.  My personal favorites were the West Coast F-15 Demo Team and the Collings Foundation F-4 Phantom.  Pease is also one of the best bases around for photographing arrivals.
Held up by weather, the West Coast F-15 Demo Team did not arrive until Friday afternoon.  Here 'Hoss' and the team's narrator make a few passes. 
The Collings Foundation's F-4D Phantom flown by Vietnam War ace General Ritchie.
A few photographs of Miss Hap, one of the first B-25s ever built.
A pair of A-10 Warthogs made a few passes.
A TBM Avenger from the Collings Foundation.  This aircraft was designed as a torpedo bomber, but flew many different missions during World War Two.
Marine and Air Force C-130 transports arrive. A pair of P-3 Orion sub hunters.  These are both based at Brunswick NAS.
A pair of VA F-16s served as static aircraft.
Dan McCue arrives in his L-39.  Dan also performed during the show, but my best photographs are of his arrival.  A Navy trainer comes in to land.  It seemed like these guys were trying to make as much noise as possible when they arrived.
The B-1 Lancer was probably the most impressive arrival.
   The 157th Air Refueling Wing is based at Pease.  
 Here a World War 2 era C-47 comes in to land.  
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