Warbird formation flights are my favorite part of an airshow.  Whether it's a warbird flying with a modern aircraft (called Heritage Flights by the Air Force and a Legacy Flights by the Navy) or multiple warbirds, these flights are a great opportunity to see the aircraft that have helped defend our nation. 
  Scott Yoak and Jim Tobul at Brunswick GA  
  F4U Corsair and A-4 Skyhawk at NAS Jax  
Scott Yoak and Mark Murphy at Geneseo
Lancaster, Spitfire, and Hurricane at Geneseo
  P-51s at Jax Beach  
Dale Snodgrass (lead) and Ed Shipley (wing) performed a spectacular P-51/F-86 formation aerobatics demo at the 2007 NAS Oceana air air show.
Jim Beasley and Ed Shipley fly a P-51 formation demo at the 2009 Rhode Island Air Show.
The 2010 Geneseo airshow feature several great P-51 formations 
Navy formation at the 2010 Geneseo airshow.
Dave Marco's Sizzlin' Liz and Dale Snodgrass flying Glamorous Gal at the 2008 NAS Jacksonville Air Show.
Dale Snodgrass (F-86) and Lee Lauderback perform a dissimilar formation takeoff prior to the Heritage Flight at NAS Oceana and NAS Jacksonville.
The 2003 Dayton airshow featured several different warbird formation flights.
Frenesi (P51) and Jackie's Revenge (P-47) at the 2003 Westfield airshow.
The warbird segment of the 2002 Hanscom AFB   A Corsair and T-6 fly formation at the 2002 NAS Oceana airshow.
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