Warbird formation flights are my favorite part of an airshow.  Whether it's a warbird flying with a modern aircraft (called Heritage Flights by the Air Force and a Legacy Flights by the Navy) or multiple warbirds, these flights are a great opportunity to see the aircraft that have helped defend our nation. 
Dale Snodgrass (lead) and Ed Shipley (wing) performed a spectacular P-51/F-86 formation aerobatics demo at the 2007 NAS Oceana air air show.
Jim Beasley and Ed Shipley fly a P-51 formation demo at the 2009 Rhode Island Air Show.
The 2010 Geneseo airshow feature several great P-51 formations 
Navy formation at the 2010 Geneseo airshow.
Dave Marco's Sizzlin' Liz and Dale Snodgrass flying Glamorous Gal at the 2008 NAS Jacksonville Air Show.
Some nice warbird formation flights from the 2005 Westfield air show.
Dale Snodgrass (F-86) and Lee Lauderback perform a dissimilar formation takeoff prior to the Heritage Flight at NAS Oceana and NAS Jacksonville.
The 2003 Dayton airshow featured several different warbird formation flights.
Frenesi (P51) and Jackie's Revenge (P-47) at the 2003 Westfield airshow.
A Corsair and T-6 fly formation at the 2002 NAS Oceana airshow.
The warbird segment of the 2002 Hanscom AFB show featured a formation flight by 2 aircraft types that flew together early in World War 2, the B-25 Mitchel and the P-40 Warhawk.  The shark's mouth painted on the P-40 was made famous by the American Volunteer Group, also known as the Flying Tigers.
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