The Heritage Flight was set up by the Air Force to honor the people and aircraft who have defended our nation.  It is also an opportunity to show their current aircraft fit into that legacy.  It is my favorite part of an airshow.
The Heritage Flight usually consists of 3 passes.  The first pass is often a photo pass. 
The next pass is a flat pass. 
The final pass comes from behind the crowd, with a break at show center.  Although some flights will do an additional pass with a break for landing.  
After landing the aircraft will usually taxi past the crowd.
There were 2 different Heritage Flights at the 2003 Dayton airshow.
There were several versions of the Heritage Flight at the NAS Oceana show.  The P-51s were flown by Dale Snodgrass (Excalibur) and Lee Lauderback (Crazy Horse).  The F-16 is flown by Capt. Edward Casey of the East Coast Demo Team.
A few more shots of the Heritage Flight at the 2002 NAS Jacksonville air show.
More Heritage Flight shots...
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