The NAS Jacksonville show was one of the best of the year.  The weather was great and the lineup was huge.  This included the Blue Angels, all the Air Force ACC demonstration teams, the Navy F-14 Demonstration Team, 10 different civilian aerobatics performers, demonstrations from local Navy units, and more.
This is a great show for photographing the Blue Angels, as the sun is in an ideal position late in the day.
The Thursday arrivals included a Coast Guard C-130, the Dept. of Commerce version of the P-3, a PBY Catalina, P-51 Mustang, German Tornado, and a B-52.
NAS Jacksonville was represented by a P-3 demo (left) and a demo by a pair of S-3 Viking aircraft.
The East Coast A-10 Demo Team and Capt. Jamie 'Jethro' Wilson.  This was his last performance as the A-10 demo pilot.
The demo by the F-14 included enough pyro to make it look like this show was being help in Kuwait.
The West Coast F-16 Demo Team from Hill AFB.
Capt. Dale 'Snort' Snodgrass performed in a Korean War era F-86 Sabre.
The Heritage Flight was the highlight of the show for me.
The aircraft to helicopter transfer by Mohr Barnstorming has to be seem to be believed.  John Mohr also does a great demo in a stock Stearman biplane. 
The Red Baron Stearman Team put on a great show.
Patty Wagstaff was one of the featured performers at this show.
Scott Shockley performs at night in the Super Shockwave.
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