The Fort Lauderdale Air & Sea Show features some unique displays that can only been done at the beach.
The Blues put on a great show.
On of the unique aspects of the Air & Sea Show is the US Marine Combined Arms Assault.
An Air Force Reserve Para-Jumper demo with A-10 Warthogs from Westfield, MA.
The Coast Guard demo at Fort Lauderdale is the best I have ever seen.
I've been told that this photo is used as wallpaper on a lot of PC's at Langley AFB. A pair of B-1s made several passes on each day of the show. B-52 Stratofortresses from Minot AFB and Barksdale AFB performed fly-bys.
The B-2 fly-by was the best I have ever seen.  The sun was out over the water, so the pilot took the aircraft behind the crowd to give photographers the best possible light.
Ian Groom set a record for consecutive snap-rolls to start off his routine. 
Jim LeRoy was one of the highlights of the civilian aerobatics performers.
The Golden Knights with the Harry S. Truman in the background. The US Navy's Leap Frogs
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