This is a really nice little show.  While they don't have a lot of performers, the performers they do get are the very best.  And this year they even had more warbird statics than NAS Oceana.
A couple of new air show fans watch me while I photograph Jim LeRoy in action.
Jim LeRoy is one of the finest airshow pilots flying today.  His show is extreme flying near the ground and in your face. 
The Iron Eagles are the premier 2 plane aerobatics team in the northeast, if not the entire country.  Bill Gordon (#1) and Billy Segalla (#2) put on a great show. 
Based just a few miles down the road, Michael is in front of family and friends at this show.  I think he brings his show to a new level for the home crowd.
The Super Shock Wave is easily one of the most popular acts at any airshow it attends, but Scott Shockley's performances the last 2 years at Fitchburg have been a step above what you see at most other shows. 
An A-10 pilot from the Massachusetts Air National Guard waves to the FAA representative who admired his arrival at Fitchburg airport.
A C-47 painted up in Normandy Invasion colors comes in to land.
A B-25 from the Collings Foundation. A TBM Avenger leaves on Friday evening.
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