Widely regarded as the finest interceptor flying in the world, the F-14 is the fleet defender.  It is the only aircraft to carry the Phoenix missile, the largest air to air missile in the US inventory, and is able to engage up to 6 targets at the same time at ranges out to 100 miles.
The last F-14 demo ever was flown at the 2005 NAS Oceana air show.
NAS Oceana is the home of the Tomcat.  The air show there features the F-14 like no other base in the world.  These photographs are from the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 NAS Oceana air shows.  They feature CAG aircraft from the Pukin' Dogs (blue tail), Red Rippers (black tail w/red lightning bolt), Grim Reapers (black tail/shark's mouth nose), and Blacklions (black  lion on tail) .
The 2004 F-14 Demo Team
The F-14 demo team at the 2002 NAS Oceana air show.
The F-14 demo at the 2002 Quonset Point Airshow featured some really great high-speed passes.
The Navy's F-14 demo team from Oceana NAS performing at the 2000 NAS Jacksonville Air Show.  The use of pyro caused this show to resemble Kuwait at times.  
The CAG aircraft for the Black Aces arrives at Andrews.
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