The weather at this show was easily the best for any show I have been to in New England in the last 5 years.  Lots of sun, cool temps, and no humidity.  There were also some pretty good performers.
The team was only able to perform a formation takeoff during the Friday practice.  It was too windy on Saturday and Sunday.
A few shots of the bottom of the Diamond aircraft.. 
Sneak Attack at .98 mach. The Calypso Pass  Head-on pass
A few different looks at the Thunderbird Delta formation
The Reflection Pitch. The Five-Card and Arrowhead formations.
Thunderbird 8 goes up for a media ride (left) and heads to the next show at Atlantic City (right).
There were 2 versions of the Thunderbolt at Schenectady.  The CT and MA Air National Guard performed a demo with the most recent version, better known at the Warthog.  On Sunday there was a flying demo by the original P-47 Thunderbolt.
The LC-130s flying out of Schenectady are the only unit in the Air Force who use JATO on a regular basis, so the demo they perform is definitely unique. 
Dan Buchanan and his hang glider.  A very popular performer, Dan has received two showmanship awards from the airshow entertainment business.
An F-104 Starfighter demo performed by
The Iron Eagles Aerobatics team.
A simulated World War 1 dogfight performed by aircraft from Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.
The heroes of the Berlin airlift was the C-54 and the crews that flew them. C-130 MAFFS Fire Fighting Demo. 
Allen Smith in his Czech built L-39 Albatross.
US National Aerobatics Champion Michael Goulian always puts on a great show.
The wingwalking team of Gene Soucy and Theresa Stokes.
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