These are my favorite pictures from the 99 air show at Brunswick NAS. This was my first attempt at air show photography. Almost all these pictures are from the Friday practice. It rained off and on throughout the weekend.
I really like this sequence of shots of a Leapfrogs team. Don't be fooled by the blue sky. That was probably the only section of sky not covered by clouds. 
This A-10 is from the East Coast A-10 Demo Team. The pilot did a great job with his demonstration. I love taking pictures of the A-10. It's not a pretty plane, but it's very photogenic. It's also big and slow, making pictures that much easier to get...
This shot of a Mig-17 passing in front of the Blue Angels is one of my favorites. The other picture gives you a good look at the afterburner flame.
The 5 and 6 split after taking off together. This is not the normal takeoff procedure, but they were going off to take pictures of the team over some Maine lighthouses. 50 years of aviation development, plus a closeup of a very nice P-51.